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AGoddess Hair Ministry

Imagine an atmosphere filled with Love, Laughter and True Friendship. This is the experience at AGoddess Hair Ministry. We are a talented family owned Salon that Uplifts, Encourages and brings Positive Energy to the atmosphere. 

We service all multicultural hair and dedicate our services to the health of your Body, Mind, Soul and Hair. Miss AGoddess also specializes in hair re-growth. 

My Dear Queens, you no longer have to feel embarrassed about going to the hair salon. Our intimate space is comfortable and inviting. We proudly set an example of Love, Kindness, Professionalism and Personal Integrity in all that we do, Beauty and Beyond.

Membership Club

The Membership Club has many benefits. Our Hair Ministry focus on the overall needs of the clients hair health, salon experience and budget. We offer our loyal customers a membership that will reduce the cost of your salon visits. The price for our annual membership card is $50.00. With this card you will receive discounts on all of your hair care services. Compare regular pricing v/s membership pricing on the services page. Also, all members are automatically enrolled in our referral program. When you refer a customer to our salon to get their hair serviced or to purchase products you receive salon bucks.

Annual price of the membership card

  • Individual - $50.00.
  • Family of 2 - $80.00
  • Family of 3 - $110.00


AGoddess Hair Ministry 

Incentives and Referral Program

Refer a new client to AGoddess Hair Ministry and you and your friend will receive $5 each in “Salon Bucks”. The Salon Bucks can be used towards your service. There is no limit on how many people you refer, so the more you refer to us, the more Salon Bucks you will receive and the more money you save. This is our way of saying, Thank You for recommending us.

Crown of Glory Hair Treatments

Are you looking for something to STOP YOUR HAIR FROM BREAKING, GROW it LONGER and THICKER and help STRENGTHEN it? 🙌🏼

Register NOW for Your Crown of Glory Hair Treatments

Only serious inquiries apply.

📌Client must come in once a week for 3 months.

📌Client must follow my directions precise.

📌Client will receive a discount price for services.

📌Clients hair May grow extremely fast and really long.

📌 Natural hair is best but not limited to.

Please fill out form below👇🏼 and submit.